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DPDgroup delivers 4.8 million parcels to over 230 countries each day through the brands DPD, Chronopost, SEUR and BRT.


The Laws of Delivery

If you have ever waited at home for an online shopping parcel, then you know how easy it is for a delivery to go wrong. Some truths seem universal, almost like laws of nature: the Laws of Delivery.



DPDgroup experiments deliveries by drone.

DPDgroup is pursuing its project for delivering parcels by drones and paying close attention to ensuring the safety of drone take-off and landing as well as parcel release phases. To do this, DPDgroup developed in 2015 a unique solution: a delivery terminal (read more), and launched at the end of 2016, a first regular commercial line, marking a world first (read more). 



We offer smart, efficient and convenient services in our local markets and around the world.


Corporate Social Responsability

DrivingChange™: our commitment to Corporate Social Responsability.