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Smart Urban Delivery stands for DPDgroup’s urban logistics initiatives.

DPDgroup’ urban logistics initiatives aim at improving everyday urban life by giving customers greater delivery choices, while reducing our impact on the environment.

The last mile delivery market is growing and is expected to continue to grow exponentially: e-shopping is exploding; in 2017, 57% of the European population was identified as e-shoppers[1]. Among them, heavy shoppers make an average of 45 online purchases per year (around one per week), while in the UK, the most mature market in Europe; they make 82 online purchases per year. Looking for goods not available in their country, or for better deals, more than 50% of them have already bought from a foreign website, especially from the UK, and increasingly from China[2].

As a consequence, by 2025, the total parcel volume delivered to individuals will have doubled in Europe: almost 15 billion parcels per year will be delivered, mainly in cities. At the same time, cities are implementing a growing number of initiatives to drastically reduce congestion and pollution.

From this perspective, the challenge for a delivery company such as DPDgroup is to contribute to more sustainable cities: permanently innovate to provide a better and smarter delivery service to customers, optimise city centre delivery processes, and develop ever more agile urban delivery vehicles.

The way DPDgroup would like to tackle urban logistics with local authorities could be summed-up as follows : “working together to rethink pragmatically urban mobility, improve transport efficiency incrementally and allow dynamic business life in city centres.”

There is no “one size fits all” solution, as each city has different geography, capacity, strategic objectives and needs: innovative solutions and regulation, need to be adapted to each case.

Therefore, discover DPDgroup “Smart Urban Delivery” brochure, and urban logistics initiatives in 5 large European cities (Varsow, Nuremberg, London, Paris and Madrid) below.

[1] Eurostat
[2] DPDgroup E-shopper barometer 2017 conducted by Kantar TNS with 24,871 participants across 21 European countries


  • Smart urban delivery in Warsaw (427.97 kB)
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  • Smart urban delivery in Nuremberg (267.94 kB)
  • Smart urban delivery in Madrid (679.29 kB)
  • Smart urban delivery in London (287.78 kB)
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