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Our conclusions

From our observations we have drawn five major insights:


Our participants were shoppers armed with tools to look for the best price

However, more than just being pleased to have found a good price, these 18-25 year olds are shoppers persuaded by a good deal.

Our participants weigh many factors into considering whether they have a good deal, and they are aware that the best prices sometimes comes at a price, with a need to make compromises.

The frustration generated by hidden fees reveals a need for transparency to avoid pricing surprises

The main advantage of online shopping is the access it provided to an incredible selection of products. We observed a need for tools to help wade through the choices available online.

In particular, our participants had a desire for an experience customized to them. Shoppers wanted to be able to customize their preferences, for example

In contrast to the enormous choice available online, shoppers criticize the lack of choice where it matters. Our participants claim that they have little choice when it comes to delivery options and payment methods, etc.

Although we saw that different countries had different levels of comfort with risk, in order to avoid that risk, certain products require offline confirmation.

When a product can’t be seen in person, advice and reviews are an important element of reassurance

In terms of financial risk, our participants had different views of payment modes, as a risk or as a line of defence.

To help deal with the insecurities of online shopping, easy, free returns are crucial for increased confidence.

In many cases, the “before” stages of online shopping represent a pleasurable experience and shoppers are invested in the process throughout the browsing steps.

However, after the strong emotion at the moment of purchase, we observed a let-down after the click, a feeling of abandonment and lack of control.

Satisfaction can be even further delayed when the product that arrives is not as expected. However, when at risk, good customer service easily overcomes these threats to satisfaction.

Online shopping promises the convenience of ordering and receiving a product from the comfort of home. However, a current lack of transparency results in increased effort and missed deliveries and threatens this convenience.

By allowing users to choose a location that suits them and unlimited hours, the locker system is a solution that fits easier into participants’ lifestyles.

The ideal delivery experience is a product delivered to ME, when and where I want it.


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